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SEAT9K Scheduler Program: Data Entry Helpers

To minimize the amount of work required by the programmer, the SEAT9K Scheduler tool has a number of programmed macros that will allow the user to concentrate on what matters most: devising a strong schedule.

The Find Arrival Time macro will determine the arrival time of a flight when the programmer knows the block time and departure time; the program will eliminate the errors of time zone confusion.

The Add New Airport macro will allow the user to enter the details for a new airport code

The Fill Week macro will repeat a rotation entered for one day over a seven-day period.

The Add Zone and Remove Zone macros allow the user to keep aircraft types bunched together in the program.

The Adjust Time macro will add or subtract minutes from all flights with the same flight number.

The Add/Cut Rows macro allows the programmer to easily add or remove flights from a rotation.

The Export macro gives the programmer the ability to email colleagues the proposed schedule without sending the entire file.

The Import macro allows the user to import another user's data into the program.

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